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Good People Break Bad Laws

Good People Break Bad Laws

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Buy the 'Good People Break Bad Laws: Civil Disobedience In The Modern Age' book today. 

The 'Good People Break Bad Laws' book is the official first book by Topher Field.

Why should you Buy this book?

Because this book is the revolution you've been waiting for

As we emerge from Covid Madness we see the world has changed. Covid introduced a world where corporations collude with governments and together they demand absolute power and twist our laws to achieve total control. 

"Topher has written a fantastic book and regardless which side of the political fence you sit on, it should be read at least once. Civil disobedience isn’t an ideology, it’s a necessity."
-Mrs Bot

Still want to know more about this book and why Topher wrote it?
Topher was a leading dissident during the Covid Madness as Melbourne, Australia endured 18 months of house arrest, business closures, curfews, arrests, and police brutality including the shooting of peaceful protesters to 'keep them safe'.
Now Topher shares the lessons he learned and invites you to join the revolution of Good People who Break Bad Laws. 

Please note that this website is the ONLY place you can purchase Official Topher Field merch including his first book, Good People Break Bad Laws. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Elizabeth Lyons
Civil disobedience is our only option. This book is a call to arms.

With our increasingly authoritarian governments placing their boot ever more firmly over the throat of their citizens, their ever increasing surveillance, censorship of dissenting voices, increased spending on the military and weaponry, forced medical interventions etc, it is time for an uprising by the people to put the political class firmly back in their place as public servants, not masters.

Good people break bad laws gets to the nuts and bolts of how the government is supposed to derive power and how, we the people, can regain that power. It is a book of action, not philosophy and it asks us where we will draw the line in the sand and stand firm in our morals and convictions, regardless of the consequences to ourselves. We best do this quickly or we will find ourselves living in a totalitarian state before we know it.

Where is your line in the sand, where you say no more, our freedom depends on us knowing and living in moral integrity.

Time for the uprising, I for one am ready.

robin percy

Thanks Topher this is the book we had to have.
Mahatma Ghandi made sense to me growing up in Sri Lanka though to Dad who was part of the establishment he was "a dirty little coolie" which confused me because Dad was a good man.
Topher your way is the right way - the only way.
We in Australia have done it very badly when it came to first seeing that something was grievously wrong and then doing something about it.
I loved Monica Smit's Cell 22.
It like your book shows ordinary aussies what is required to get back our freedom.
It requires bravery, self sacrifice and all the other things you portray so well in your book which I have not yet finished but which I will promote with all my strength.
The ANZACS were not always right and they fought sometimes for unjust causes but what they showed was that you have to be prepared to die for freedom. There is no other way. No everybody does not have to die but we have to be prepared to die.
May be God be with you Topher.
Thank you mate.


Easy informative read

Good People Break Bad Laws

Great informative book Thankyou

Pauline Browne
Good People Break Bad Laws

An excellent read. Encouraging and challenging.